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Chandler, AZ

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Dear Neighbors:

"Welcome to my website, and thank you for taking the time to get to know me better. My name is Michael Corey Chan and I'm your candidate for the San Marcos Precinct (Chandler) Justice of the Peace. With your support, I will bring my acquired knowledge from Superior and City Court to enhance, and improve the level of services currently offered at San Marcos Justice Court.

This office presents many opportunities for someone with my diverse background to:

- Introduce innovative ways to render efficient court services
- Enhance relationships by engaging members of our community
- Provide meaningful services to victims of crime
- Ensure that first time offenders are provided with essential tools to prevent recidivism
- Be tough on repeat offenders
- Engage our youth by introducing programs such as teen court
- Create better court access via the internet
- Be fair, professional and just in applying the law. No politics!

My experiences and skills include:

- 8 years of court management
- 5 years in corrections
- 10 years in business management (Fortune 500 companies)
- 6 years as a volunteer for both Chandler & Phoenix Police
- Appointment as an honorary consular representative
- Served as a member of the City of Phoenix Architectural Appeals Board
- Served as PRAC Commissioner at the City of Phoenix
- Fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese. Working knowledge of French
- Studied/Coursework in International Law, Paralegal, Political Science, and Business Management

I'm asking for your vote in this upcoming election, and if given the privilege to serve you, I pledge to ensure that every one is treated with respect and decency. I will also take on this responsibility seriously and professionally, attempting to resolve every case in a just and impartial manner. I look forward to the privilege of serving as your new community Justice of the Peace.


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